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Institute of Sociology, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS)

        Feb 2020-present: Director: Department of Sociology for Technology and Economy

        June 2019-present: Full Professor

        May 2014-June 2019: Associate Professor

        July 2010—May 2014: Assistant Professor

New York University Abu Dhabi (NYUAD)

        Sept 2011—Jun. 2012: Postdoctoral Research Associate to Iván Szelényi



Sep. 2004-June 2010: Tsinghua University, China.

        Degree: Ph.D. in Sociology.

Aug. 2007-Aug. 2008: Department of Sociology, Yale University, U.S.

        Visiting Assistant in Research (Visiting Student)

Sep. 2000-Jun. 2004: Jilin University, China.

        Degree: Bachelor of Laws in Social Work.



state-business relationship

elite study;

social stratification and mobility;

corporation social responsibility and innovation;

platform governance;

big data and artificial intelligence



Jan -Mar 2018. Visiting Scholar: Science Po Bordeaux

Jul -Aug 2017, Hiroshi Kitamura Fellow, Institute of East Asian Studies in the University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany

Nov 2016-Jan. 2017: Visiting Scholar: Institute of Development Studies (IDS), University of Sussex

2013, Fellowship for Australia–China joint action program, Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia and Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

2012, Travel Grant for Starting Scholars from Overseas, provided by Japanese Sociological Association (JSA).



Secretary-in-general: Research Center for Private Entrepreneurs, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

Member: Consultant Committee, All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce

Consultant: Committee of Family Enterprises, Chinese Association of Private Economy

Member of editorial board: Youth Studies (《青年研究》)

Trustee: Committee of Economic Sociology, Chinese Sociology Association

Trustee: Committee of Youth Sociology, Chinese Sociology Association

Trustee & Under-secretary-general: Committee of Social Stratification and Social Mobility, Chinese Sociology Association.



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Other publications in Chinese can be found at:



Jan. 2020 – Chief Researcher: Economic and Social Impacts of Technology Implication (“Innovation Project” funded by Chinese Academy of Social Sciences)

Dec. 2019 – Director: Attitudes of Chinese Entrepreneur (All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce)

Jun. 2018 -Director: Structure, Attitudes, and Behavior of the New Generation of Chinese Private Entrepreneurs (Key Project of China National Social Sciences Fund)

Nov. 2018- Director: Social Value of Artificial Intelligence (Baidu Company)

Fed. 2014 Managing Director: Chinese Private Entrepreneur Survey (CPES) (All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, State Administration for Market Regulation, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, the China Society of Private Economy, and the United Front Work Department of CCP) (


Feb. 2019 -Director: Corporation Social Responsibility of Chinese Private Entrepreneurs (Key Project of China National Social Sciences Fund)

Oct. 2014-Director: Studies on Private Economy and Employment (State Administration for Industry and Commerce)

Aug. 2011—Director: Government-business relationship in the factor market (National Social Science Foundation)

Jun. 2011—Director, The policy-making in China’s Untradeable Stock Sharing Reform (Kaifeng Foundation).

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